Guardian Community Trust

Guardian Community Trust, Inc. (GCT) is a Massachusetts non-profit organization with a broad mission to enhance the comfort, dignity and independence of seniors and disabled persons through responsive, caring and effective fiduciary services. Its work encompasses both a private and a public mission, through two primary operations:

GCT serves as trustee for an exempt pooled trust program, and for individual special needs trusts, that operate in compliance with federal and state statutes. Holding excess assets of disabled individuals who receive public benefits, GCT uses those resources to offer beneficiaries a quality of life that public benefits alone cannot provide.

GCT's other work is to raise public awareness and work for policy changes to offer better public support for the “unbefriended,”– persons who cannot manage their own affairs, but have no family, friends or private resources to provide a protective fiduciary. This mission is advanced through an active grant-making program, through collaborative research to address the most critical issues, and through alliances and relationship-building with like-minded organizations in Massachusetts.

Representing GCT on the Institute is Peter M. Macy, Ed.M., J.D.